Azure - Configure tagging - Part 2

Azure - Configure tagging - Part 2

In this blog post we are going to configure tagging, Tagging is another benefit of the Azure Resource Manager deployment model. Tags are custom labels that you can assign to resources, resource groups, and subscriptions. You can utilize this functionality to describe your cloud environment. For example, you can specify the ownership of individual resources, assign them to the appropriate cost centre, or designate them as production, test, or development. Tags appear in the billing data available to the Account Administrator. This simplifies identifying costs associated with tagged resources for chargeback purposes.

Step One

In the Azure portal, in the hub menu, click Resource groups.

On the Resource groups blade, click 20533D0101-LabRG, and then, on the resource group blade, click Tags.

Step Two

On the 20533D0101-LabRG - Tags blade, in the Name box, type project, and then in the Value box, type test. Click Save.

Step Three

Click Overview and, in the list of resources, click the Route table resource you created in the previous task.

Name: 20533D0101-rt

Step Four

On the 20533D0101-rt blade, click Tags.

In the hub menu, click More services and, in the service menu, click Tags

On the Tags blade, click project : test. This will display the project : test blade showing both the resource group and the route table resource you created.

In the next post we will Configure RBAC - (Role Base Access Control)